Book Related Bits

21 May

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Throughout the week on Twitter lots of fantastic book related links get posted so I thought I would try and collate them weekly to a) share them with lovely blog readers and b) keep a record for myself so I don’t forget my favourites!

Oliver Jeffers A life in Books – Sadly ‘The Book Eating Boy’ is the only Jeffers book I own at the moment (must remedy that!) but it is one that I adore. It is a well read book by the children I teach and is regularly borrowed from Miss BakingTeacher’s library in the classroom!

Readers on the blog will know that I recently read ‘The Name of this Book is Secret’ by Pseudonymous Bosch and loved it. Well here is a sample chapter of the third in the series, ‘This Book is Not Good For You.’

For lovely bookish pictures to drawl over check out A Pretty Book. I like their blog far too much!

Worried about Zombie attacks? Visit here for a Zombie Guide to give you a hand!

Do you have any book related links you would like to share? Any favourite blog posts you or others have written?


2 Responses to “Book Related Bits”

  1. JT May 21, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

    Thank you so much for including me in your book related bits!

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