Environment Week and Outdoor Learning

25 May

Sadly, due to a four day week this week, we are coming to the end of our Environment week. The children and I have a had a wonderful week exploring and thinking about environmental issues. As a school we are very lucky to have a wildlife area, pond, class allotments and chickens as part of outdoor space. We really wanted this week to inspire the children and help them appreciate how lucky we are and my goodness they made me proud! Not only did we enjoy nature trails, treasure hunts, art work, environmental maths, storytelling outside, clay work, guest speakers and workshops but my Year 4/5 class developed their team work and collaboration skills. Apart from a windy day on Monday we have been very lucky with the weather and we have spent nearly every session outside and made good use of our outside space.

I have been very interested in the twitter discussions I have seen regarding outdoor learning and after the success of this week I cannot wait to use half term to think of ways we can move our learning outside as much as possible. Well that way we can keep an eye on our carrots, spring onions, flowers…. 🙂

A clay tile by one of my children. We had a super lady in who helped them make leafy tiles. My lovely lot got very creative adding minibeasts as well!

Do you have anything to share about outdoor learning? If so I would love to hear about it!




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