Summer Term Is Nearly Here

7 Apr


Can anyone else quite believe it is nearly the start of the summer term? At times this year seems to have gone slowly but all of a sudden we are here, April, and a few months to go. As always there is a lot left to do and I am really looking forward to the term ahead. There will be some difficult times ahead (which I will blog about another time) but I feel raring to go and look forward to seeing what the summer term brings.

Our overall focus is the Olympics but I know my class will not be able to sustain that for the term so we are going to do some work on Britain and widen it out into the Olympic world as the term progresses. I had a great discussion with my class about the topic and it was their enthusiasm for focusing in on Britain that led me to firmly choose this as a topic. It will be a wonderful opportunity to focus on local studies at the same time and my brain is slowly whirring about what to do. If anyone else is doing similar and would be up for some collaboration then please let me know!

Next I want to focus more on using technology this term. This year has been difficult so far for a variety of reasons that are difficult to explain but this term I am looking at ways to work around this. I had been worried but actually felt comforted by an overheard conversation relayed to me about a Year 6 telling an interview candidate that they didn’t do much ICT in her class but they know lots is done in mine! Bless her, made me feel a little better even though I know they do lots in her room! I think it is because I use a more wide ranging of resources thanks to my lovely twitter PLN. As part of this I need to use our school VLE more but I want to link this to a class blog but I haven’t quite worked out how to marry the two together, apart from lots of cross posting. All I know is that last year when we had a class blog the children loved it and I really want to replicate that energy.

Finally my class and I have shared some fantastic books this year and I have a back log of reviews and recommendations to make. I will get to them I promise! There is a wonderful world of literature out there and not enough time to share everything!




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