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Blogging with the Class

7 Jun

This is nothing new for many of the teachers on Twitter but I still wanted to share my experiences so far. We set up our class blog earlier this year and it was to serve two classes- Yr 4/5 and Yr 5/6. I teach the Year 4/5 class and so far we have been the only ones using it (although this will change tomorrow as I will be teaching the other class ICT on a Wednesday for the rest of the term!) We started slowly. We got a few posts up and some lovely people commented which the kids loved but it still didn’t grab them. Difficulties accessing the internet on our laptop then delayed our adventures further. Then we took part in the 100 Word Challenge arranged by @theheadsoffice and there were some sparkles of interest. This morning with a tip off from @peterford I managed to get the children their own usernames for the blog and this┬áis what has grabbed them. Their own access!

Today we took over the ICT suite and so many have started blogging! They were able to write what they wanted today as a way to help them get used to using the blog. So today we have a new 100 word challenge, some examples of the Tudor work we have been doing, the start of a story, a special thank you, an excited recount of a new dog in the family and many more! Some are still in draft form but hopefully more should appear soon. As a teacher I know I need to give the children the opportunities to blog and the technology to do it. We will still have to face the internet dropping out in the classroom and the laptops being sllloooooowwww but hey, that’s part of the fun and the challenge!


Do you have any blogging tips for us?

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