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Topics for the Year- India and Olympics

29 Nov

I don’t know about anyone else but sometimes I find it difficult to keep track of links and ideas for planning and use in my Year 4/5 classroom etc. I use Delicious but for some reason it doesn’t solve my problems. So what I plan to do is to try and keep track using my blog, updating posts with links and ideas as I find them. Hopefully as an added benefit others may find the links and ideas useful.

So my topics for the Spring and Summer terms are India and the Olympics. Here I shall keep a record of anything useful for those topics. Also if anyone has anything to recommend please feel free to leave me a comment!


An Amazon list of recommended books for KS2


Faith in Art- Belair book has some good display ideas.

Contrast between Ancient and Modern India (more ideas in Belair Creative History)


BBC Olympics Teachers Site

I will be updating this regularly so feel free to check back!